About Michael Granados

Family First

The most important part of me is the relationships I have with my family and friends. Saying I'm lucky would be an understatement. I feel blessed to be part of such a big, fun, healthy family that provides me with so much love and support. I'm fortunate to live close to most of them and enjoy the time I spend with all of them, from my four grandparents to my youngest little cousin. Same goes for my friends. I consider each of them an intelligent and solid individual and I'm happy to have made fun memories with all of them over the years.

Michael Granados' Beautiful family

I'm holding two monkeys on the far right.

Professional Life & Education

I am currently working as a co-founder and lead product designer at Medko, a health tech startup that is building a network to help people find and connect with a good doctor, anywhere in the world. Medko is part of the Startup Chile program so my team and I are living in Santiago, Chile from Feb - Sept of 2013. I really love what I do at Medko because I'm working along side some passionate and intelligent entrepreneurs and bettering my skills as a web developer.

The Medko Team

The Medko Team (left to right): Matias, Zeyna, Yosh, myself, and Nick

I became interested in Digital Media back at Analy High School in Sebastopol, CA and originally wanted to pursue film making. After deciding I should have a website for my freelance video business, I enrolled in courses on HTML and CSS with introductions to web programming at Cabrillo College in Santa Cruz, CA in 2009.

I have taken classes on Film and Video, Business, Communications, Web Publishing, and Graphic Design. I have an AA in Interdisciplinary Studies as well as an award for Excellence in Communication Studies from Cabrillo College. I believe that the ability to learn independently is an essential ingredient to success and I'm trying to follow that by teaching myself Ruby on Rails, more Javascript, and anything else that will help me build for the web.

Hobbies & Interests

Growing up I played several sports including Baseball, Soccer, Football, and Roller Hockey. This active lifestyle helped found an appreciation of the outdoors as well as professional sports — Giants and Niners fan for life! When it comes to the outdoors, I enjoy hiking, camping, being near the Ocean, spear-fishing, and recently have been trying my hand at surfing (it's tough!).

I love: spending time with family and friends, playing with animals, eating good food, working on something new and exciting, campfires, Lagunitas and Lost Coast brews, golfing, skim boarding, traveling, Southpark, redwood trees, Red-Tailed hawks, books about business or interesting people, and soft carpets.


I am so thankful to anyone who has supported me or provided me with advice, especially my parents. I would also like to thank the following individuals who have encouraged and edited my writing on this website: Susan Killeen, Danielle Granados, Mira Dorrance-Bird, and Morgan Hamel. Thank you to Chris Bongrardt for the family photo.

If you would like to know something else about me or just get in touch, send me an email.

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